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Could be really good........

Your carecter is really slow, and put more weapens like: chain saw, base ball bat, dual pististles, Rocket lancher, and more maps!!!!! And make that you can go in the house and be safe in there! And you should be able to place torches!!


The Zombie Games isn't all that great but I'll just give out my feedback here.. Too many hordes come at you all at once and since you(the main character) move so slow it's difficult to find any helpful weapons to fight off the zombies so you die right away. You either find tons of ammo which doesn't help because the gun that uses the ammo is somewhere far off, or find batteries for the torch, which only helps you see in the dark. The Tutorial feature needs much more work as there are a few dialogue boxes here and there that never go away and stay on the screen, blocking much of your field of vision in-game which is a huge annoyance. It also glitches at times. When I tap on the Inventory button and then go back to the game when I'm done, there are parts of the Inventory that still stay on the game screen. I have tried exiting and re-entering the app and taking TZG out of Multi-task, it still does that. Another glitch that I came across during Tutorial Mode was the nighttime of the game coming off the game screen as a rectangle when I move the joystick around. The joystick eventually became stuck and I couldn't move the character at all. Not sure if TZG deserves even one star for this, but the lowest rating possible is one star..I'm uninstalling this game.

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